It's time for a new sport to impact the world...


Our Mission

To inspire and engage a new generation of athletes through athleticism and social good.

Our vision

We envision a new world that encourages competition while doing good. We don't want to compete against other sports, but rather offer another option, another form of dynamic play that is gender - inclusive, sustainable and encourages sports(wo)manship!  Join us.

What We've Achieved

  • Created in 2006 by Dr. Jose Rigoberto Perez Diaz, the first Latino in history to invent a new sports discipline.
  • Recognized sport by the Olympic commission of the Dominican Republic where it was first introduced.
  • Supported by Baseball Hall of Famer, Juan Marichal and World Series MVP, Jose Rijo.
  • Officially expands to the United States at an elementary and collegiate level in New York City.
  • In 2015, Dr. Perez Diaz awarded recognition for the creation of the sport by Senator Espaillat of New York.
  • Over 70 teams actively playing the sport to date.
            Jose Rijo, World Series MVP 1990

           Jose Rijo, World Series MVP 1990

      Juan Marichal, Baseball Hall of Fame 1983

     Juan Marichal, Baseball Hall of Fame 1983